Ladies Bible Studies

Ladies Bible Study

Beginning Tues., Sept. 1st @ 7:30pm on Zoom!

Zoom: 238-238-7777

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We will dig into the I AM study for ourselves, each one. We will have four days of personal study each week with an optional fifth day. That optional fifth day is just that, optional – take it to the next level if you wish!

Jesus is the key to any kind of satisfaction you are looking for. He alone will fill the empty places in your heart.

For more information about this Bible Study contact Ashley Moss.

Finding “I AM” September Ladies Bible Study Recordings

Did you miss a lesson this month or maybe you want to go along with our Bible Study at your own pace, here are this month’s lessons!

Week 1I AM THEBread of LifeAmanda Medrano
Week 2I AM THELight Lori Duran
Week 3I AM THE Gate & ShepardLisa Thornhill
Week 4 I AM THE Life Alma Glasgow
Week 5I AM THE Vine Ashley Moss

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