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Calvary Moms is a group that encourages and equips moms to understand and fully live out their potential as Godly mothers. The group meets twice a month during the school year for a time of devotion and fellowship with other moms to strengthen their relationship with Jesus while solidifying friendships with other moms.

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Join us for our next upcoming event!

January 11 & 25 @9am
@ Calvary Church

Join our Calvary Moms at Calvary Church for a time of fellowship, devotion and snacks. 

For more information, contact Ashley Moss or Amanda Medrano. 

2022 Wednesday Schedule
@ Calvary Church

Something exciting is happening in 2022 for Calvary! Starting in January, we will be kicking off our new Wednesday night schedule. Join us each Wednesday at 7:30pm for different styles of worship and teaching/ preaching. 

For more information, contact Gena Caruthers. 

Thoughts for Moms

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Hey momma, I see you out there.

Your hands are full and you are trying to balance it all. Your kids need your help, your house needs some love, your husband needs your attention, and even you need a little self care. You have appointments, schedules, and meetings. You have to pick up groceries, plan meals, and make sure everyone has something clean for the next day.

I see you wanting to take a quick break, but guilt stops you when you see that things are out everywhere and you haven’t met everyone’s needs.

But for one moment, can you stop moving long enough to really take in what I’m about to say? It’s not profound, or even new, but if you really grasp it, it might just change your world.

Busy, worn out, over scheduled momma–you do NOT have to do it all.

God doesn’t want you worn out and ineffective. He wants you to live fully in Him, He even promises that He can give you rest.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Take that permission and relax. Sure, you can’t drop every task, but you can release the guilt that it might not all get done every single day. There may be days where your housekeeping is subpar, but your children will be well taken care of. There may be days where your children have to have a boring day but you will get all of your errands done. And this might be controversial, but there may be days where you turn off your phone and clear your schedule and you take care of yourself (yes, that is allowed).

We don’t have to give things up to be a mom, but we do have to learn to balance things better. Evaluate your life and see where you can readjust. Aim to let your children see you excel in a few things rather than them seeing you live an overscheduled life of mediocrity. 

Go to God, tell Him you need rest, and He will give it to you.

Can you feel the change coming?

Look a little closer, stores are starting to put out fall decor. Clothes are changing to more autumn colors and textures. Acorns are starting to fall on our sidewalks.

Smell a little deeper. Pumpkin spiced everything is on the horizon. Apples and cinnamon are ready to fill your home.

August is wrapping up and soon September will be here. Let that fill you with dreams of scarves, warm drinks, hayrides, and baking. We may not get the temperatures here to make it feel like the seasons are changing, but the anticipation of a new season gives us hope of change and the excitement of new plans.

Whether or not the fall season excites you the same way it excites me, other new seasons come and go in our lives. New babies, a new school year, a new home, and many more examples of change brings excitement as well as challenges.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

God intends for seasons in our lives. Knowing that change will eventually come is how we endure when it’s hard–we can be filled with hope that things will change with a new season. It’s also a reminder to cherish joyful moments, because seasons are temporary.

The next time you find yourself in a new season find the joy, the season is short, those babies will grow, people will move, and lives will change. If you’re walking into a particularly tough season, hang on, grit your teeth and push through, the season is only temporary.

You’ve got this momma. God knows every season you are going through, and He will lead you through each one. Find the happy, endure the hard. A new season will come.

And if you’re out and you see a fall candle, smell it, think of this post, and remember seasons are always changing.

Better moms. Better world.

This is the phrase that started our entire Calvary Moms group. We have gone through transitions to become the group we are today, but that phrase has remained the vision of the group.

Moms have an amazing calling-God trusts us with tiny human beings that we get to help shape into fully functioning people. These babies that we spend countless hours rocking, comforting, and even disciplining will one day step out into the world as adults. These are the future citizens of our society. These babies will grow into our leaders, our ministers, and our decision makers.

God trusts us enough to put these little people in our lives to grow and to shape. We do know that God can use anyone, regardless of their past or their influence. But I know I’m not alone when I say I don’t want to look back and realize that my children turned out okay, in spite of the life I lived.

How do we help our children become world changers? We become strong Christians ourselves. We show our kids what it’s like to depend on God and to have a relationship with Him. We lead by example and teach our kids to pray and search His Word for answers. We teach them to attend services, serve where there is a need, and commit to living a Godly life. We can speak these words of instruction and hope they fall on listening ears, or we can live the life we teach, and set a fire inside them through example.

Better moms make better a better world. You get to choose how you influence the child God gave you. Choose to influence world changers.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28

Ashley Moss
-Calvary Moms Director

For more information Contact Ashley Moss