CP Young Couples

CP Young Couples is designed for couples to get together and enjoy spending time as couples.  As a young couple, this is a new chapter in our lives.  We are learning how to connect with others and make friends as a couple.  We get together at different times throughout the year and enjoy a variety of fun activities to build those friendships and enhance our own relationship. 

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. ~Mark 10:9 NIV

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January 31
Extreme Escape
Stone Oak

This escape room adventures is guaranteed to get your pulse racing as you work to resolve clues before time runs out.  Once you’re inside the fully immersive theme setting you’ll have to use teamwork, critical thinking and creativity to evade foes and escape the room while there is still time.  

For more information contact Josh or Jennica Little 

Josh and Jennica Little
-CP Young Couple Leaders

For more information Contact Josh and Jennica Little

Kay Leonard
Power of 1 Director

For more information Contact Kay Leonard