Calvary Church is Growing And We Want You To Be A Part!

God is doing great things at Calvary Church and we invite you to join us!  We are conveniently located on Highway 1604 between Bulverde and Redland Road (3423 North Loop 1604 East).  The building is complete and the remainder of the site work is in progress. We are grateful for the increased capacity, visibility, and ease of access at our new location. Join us for the next phase of growth at Calvary.

A Place for New Beginnings

Everyone needs a chance to start over again and leave behind past missteps and misjudgments.  Thankfully, we can leave our past at the cross of Christ and walk in newness of life.  Calvary Church is a place where you can begin again and develop your God-given talents and callings.


“You never know what will happen at Calvary!” is often exclaimed at Calvary Church. This is said for at least two reasons: First, we live in awe of God who constantly surprises us with His blessings and miraculous provisions, and second, we often break out of the routine with special events and other unique surprises.We encourage you to join us in any of our church services, growth tracks, events and Connection Point (CP) activities. Because we value personal contact, Pastor Caruthers encourages you to call the church office or contact him directly at: Pastor David Caruthers.

A Historical View of Calvary’s Growth

A Historical View of Calvary’s Growth The Caruthers were elected for the pastorship of Calvary Church on July 31, 2003; the beginning of an exciting journey. Attendance on that first Sunday was 11. The sanctuary would seat about 40 and the two classrooms were a blessing to start the Kidsville program. It was a great opportunity to have such a well maintained facility.
It wasn’t long before Calvary Church began filling up! In February 2005, we began the first expansion program. Both of the class rooms in the back of the sanctuary were removed for more sanctuary seating.
March 2005 – Calvary Church remodeling project was complete. It was an exciting time! The Sanctuary would seat 100.
October 2005 – We were blessed to purchase and build out a portable structure. It included two Kidsville classrooms, a restroom, and a kitchenette. The Kidsville building held a lot of fun memories not just for the children, but many nights of Fun, Food and Fellowship, when we were packed to the brim – and loving every minute!
July 2006, the Caruthers celebrated their third anniversary at Calvary. With continued growth, people were being filled with the Holy Spirit, Pastor Caruthers knew it was time to go to the next level. As the leadership team and church earnestly prayed and fasted, God opened some doors and closed others. We have learned to be thankful for both.
From Sept. 2007 until July 2009 Calvary met at Northern Hills Elementary school (across the street from our current sanctuary). It was a blessing to have the nearby accessibility, allowing us to keep our Kidsville in the current sanctuary, but a tiring journey of setting up each week (God bless our setup team) and sitting in hard uncomfortable chairs! But we all kept the faith… our new sanctuary was in the process!
November 2007 – As the building plans began to proceed, we realized quickly that if we were really going to build a building on this property we would need to sell our beloved portable Kidsville building and obtain more land for parking. That’s where the Calvary House came into the picture. (Below)
November 2007 – Calvary Church purchased what we call the “Calvary House” It is a residence, on a cul-de-sac behind the church. How PERFECT! The yard was HUGE and therefore allowed for the necessary space for parking that would be needed. The Calvary House was used for temporary offices, class rooms, conference rooms, and fellowships.
November 2007 – February 2009 we remodeled the Calvary house and worked to get all the plans through the city and financing. It seemed like a LONG journey. But FINALLY… February 2009 construction of the new Calvary Church sanctuary began.
July 26, 2009 was our first service in the new Higgins Road sanctuary! It seemed as if it were a full circle, because it was the actual date six years prior that the Caruthers’ came to Calvary. How coincidental that it was all timed so perfectly!
We could say it’s been a long journey, but it’s only just begun. We have to remember, this is just another step where God wants to take us. Most of all, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for what God has done at Calvary Church and for the many people who have been filled with His Spirit.
We invite you to be a part of Calvary Church. “A Place For New Beginnings”
Calvary’s New Campus Design – Phase 1 New Campus – Phase 1