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Current Covid-19 Response 7-1-2

What’s Happening This Week at Calvary?

8/9: Sunday Worship Opportunities: 9am, 11am* -BOLT in KOTM, 6pm*

8/10: Monday: 7:30pm – Youth and Young Adult Instagram Devo**

8/11: Tuesday: 7:30pm – Life Enrichment Class** – TOPIC: Some Cornerstones of Parenting 

8/12: Wednesday: 7:30pm – Recharge Midweek Worship*

8/13: Thursday: 7:30pm – Growth Tracks Book Study* – TOPIC: Spiritual Gifts

8/14: Friday: 7:30pm РYouth & Young Adult Throwback Night 

8/15: Saturday: 10am РFamily Prayer, 6pm РPower of 1: Bible Study 

8/16 Sunday Worship Opportunities: 9am, 11am* – BOLT in KOTM, 6pm*

*Facebook Live @ https://www.facebook.com/calvarysatx/


Zoom ID: 238-238-7777

Student Ministries Zoom ID: 238-238-1111

Finding Your Place at Calvary